Crystal Box Leggings / Vegan Leather -C7

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Classic box leggings.

It is a popular pants that you can enjoy various coordination with a moderately loose silhouette, squeezed hem, and you can enjoy various coordination with shoes to match.


The material extends in four directions is polyester jersey and uses vegan leather with a very good stretchability.

Vegan leather is a synthetic leather (synthetic leather) that artificially reproduces genuine leather fiber structure without using animal leather.

Synthetic leather is a material made by coating a polyurethane resin (PU) on a fabric, and only the surface layer is artificially made to resemble the natural leather of the animal skin. One of the reasons why it is chosen is that there are some parts that are lighter and functional than the material.



Without the back

Drawstring + rubber waist

Waist pocket

With rubber at the hem

Total length: 102cm around waist: 72cm (rubber rising)

Rise: 25cm before / 35cm after inseam: 73cm

Synthetic leather (46% polyester polyurethane 54%)

Made in Japan

Model height 176cm
Video model 165cm

Due to the characteristics of the jersey material, there may be some errors in the dimensions.