Why COG?



The origin of the brand name “COG THE BIG SMOKE” is derived from two things near and dear to the designer’s heart. 

The first: her jet setter childhood teddy bear, named “COG” 

The second half comes from London’s longtime nickname “THE BIG SMOKE” 

After decades of traveling, the brand made London its home, inspired by the arts scene, architecture and creative movements the city is synonymous with. 

COG embraces a minimalist concept, with “less is more” at the centre of our ethos. Our collection’s focal point is jersey material crafted for all ages, sizes, seasons and occasions. 

COG is made with the Jetsetter in mind. Our designs are versatile enough to wear on any trip, and can easily go from your suitcase to exploring a new city. 

Our customer is driven by quality over quantity, seeking pieces that will not only clothe her, but inspire confidence in anything and everything she commits to doing.