The Little Secret Of The Black Label

Do you know about the message behind the black label on the back of COGTHEBIGSMOKE? 

Acquiring new things is always exciting, but nowadays, it can be challenging to repeat the experience of getting something that you really cherish, especially when it comes to those much-loved basic items.

I have always questioned the idea that we must constantly offer something new in the fashion world and get rid of things that are tied to years and seasons, and wondered why designs that do not necessarily need to be changed must somehow be made new.

One day, after struggling with this dilemma for a long time, I came to the conclusion that the reason why new things are always well received in the fashion world is because the designs are loudly announced as being new for the year or season they are released in and as the months going by, they inevitably become an ‘expired’ label.

COG’s debut collection was launched in 2019 and we simply called it "Collection 1" not a “New collection for autumn/winter 2019”. We then sewed a black label, which had been humbly woven with the number ‘1’, onto the back of each design. And of course, ‘2’ for the designs added to the next collection.

In other words, the number on the black label represents the identity of that design. It’s not about being new or old, but more like a birth certificate for the design.

Over the years, various numbers still coexist and shine in beautiful harmony in our collections.

In fact, there are probably few clothes that are truly in regular rotation in your wardrobe. We want COG’s clothes to sit in that area. And our favourites will continue to be proudly updated in a range of different colours and fabrics.

“We don’t change what doesn’t need to be changed”. That is the most fundamental and powerful spirit of our brand.

What number do you find when you look at the black labels in your wardrobe? I believe whatever the number is, it will still be quietly shining!