Are you interested in making purchases from overseas?


Below is a step-by-step guide on how to purchase items from overseas.

To view the details of a product that catches your eye, simply click on the product.


1.  At the bottom of the product page, you will find a blue cart labeled "WorldShopping". However, please note that if you have a pop-up blocker enabled, you should disable it to ensure that the cart appears.

2.  To add the product to your cart, click on the green "Add to Cart" button found in the "Worldshopping" pop-up.

3.  In your cart, carefully review the items along with choosing size 1 (Remember? Our brand is one size fits all), the product price, and any fees. It is important to note that WorldShopping charges a 10% service fee based on the total product price.

4.  Proceed to the checkout page where you can enter your payment details and shipping address. Apart from the product price and the service fee by WorldShopping, you will also need to pay for international shipping fees. The exact amount depends on the destination and package weight. Additionally, depending on the regulations of your country, you may have to pay additional fees such as customs duties or taxes. To get accurate information about these fees, please consult your local customs authorities.

5. Once you have carefully reviewed and confirmed your order, make the purchase by submitting your payment.


After the purchase is confirmed, WorldShopping will take care of shipping and delivering the product to your designated address.