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Colour 89 DK BEIGE
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Leggings-type trousers.

This is a slim design in the Cog range, but there are no joins at the side lines, so you don't feel constricted in spite of the slim look. The waist has a drawstring and is somewhere between leggings and trousers. 

The material used is stretchy vegan leather with a polyester jersey base. Vegan leather is a synthetic leather that artificially reproduces the fibre structure of real leather without using animal hides. Synthetic leather is a material made artificially by coating fabric with polyurethane resin (PU), so that only the surface layer resembles natural animal skin leather, also known as PU leather, and is chosen for animal welfare purposes and because it is lighter and more functional than natural leather materials.

Label #5


Skinny Leg

Elastic + drawstring waist

waist jet pockets

Total length: 94 cm Waist circumference: 60 cm (elastic rise) - 92 cm (max)

Inseam: 24cm front / 35cm back Inseam: 70cm Hip width: 46cm Width across: 28cm Hem width: 14cm

Surface: 100% polyurethane / Reverse: 100% polyester


Model height: 176cm
Video model 165cm

Due to the nature of jersey material, dimensions may vary slightly.

The color may differ slightly depending on the shooting location and your monitor environment.