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Dorglan Flair High Neck / Merino Hand-Washable Jersey

COG's signature model, which was SOLD OUT since the start of the season, reappears with new materials!

It is an online store Exclusive.

A polyester is blended with a super -thin thin flesh, fine and luxurious expression of Merino wool to achieve both warmth and easy care.

The sleeve is a very unique pattern of the front body from the front body to the back sleeves, and the back part is a semi -circular pattern, which is a very simple high neck when viewed from the front, but it is a tops with a unique back style. 。

Wool has a natural antibacterial and deodorant function and has excellent temperature control.

In addition, wool natural oil has the advantage that water is easy to repel water and is hard to get dirty, so it is possible to wash it and it is easy to contain air and moisture absorption, so it is comfortable even if you sweat.

-The backless

-Long sleeves

-High neck

Length: 62cm before / 74cm after

Chest width: 54cm Sleeve length: 68cm

Fair 53%polyester 47%

Made in Japan


Model height 176cm

Video model 165cm


Due to the characteristics of the jersey material, there may be some errors in the dimensions.