COLLECTION 3 digital LOOKBOOK is now available!

Jul 13, 2020


COLLECTION-3 LOOKBOOK has just been uploaded.

The third collection features many outerwear items with authentic details.
When viewed from the side, the exquisite rise of the hood around the tucked silhouette of the neck is just a few examples of the ingenuity hidden throughout the collection, making the wearer look more feminine, dry, and stylish, even though the design has no eccentricities.
The carefully tailored coat, with its single-layer lightness that takes advantage of the benefits of cut and sewn fabric, lowers the threshold for long lengths, allowing you to enjoy it without feeling self-conscious as if you were wearing it as a cloak.
The ever-popular jumpsuits and draw-waist pants are also available in the new collection.

LOOKBOOK 3 for more information.